Thursday, July 20


I have been wondering for sometime if I should be talking about a few things. Sex is one of them. It seems to be one of those subjects that doesnt come up, but I know from private conversations people want to know about it.
We are of course all sexual beings, thats the nature of humanity I guess, but until recently society has viewed disabled people as being totally asexual. If you had a disability it seemed impossible to have a sexual relationship. Hopefully we are in a situation where we are starting to recognise the absurdity of this, after all we all need to feel the warmth of a kiss tenderly given, a rich embrace, a partner who reciprocates our love. This is basic human need and also in my opinion a right totally regardless of disability, or sexuality.
So lets take a look at me. Im still a young(ish) female and although Ive said it before I have a loving and caring husband. Do I still have a sex life? Of course I do, without going into details here, I would suggest that we have to be slightly more imaginative that previously, but then thats hardly a bad thing in a relationship of long standing is it!? I was discussing this with another woman with a SCI, older and wiser than me and we concluded that a womans sexuality is like an orange. With a type of spinal damage you may lose the rind and pith on the outside, but you still have the all the juicey ripe flesh underneath.

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