Tuesday, October 3

My Best Walk

The best walk I ever took was around the Island of Colonsay in the Hebrides. Its a small island with a circumference of about 8 miles, mostly flat, but with constant breathtaking coastal scenery. We also had a blizzard half way round and I thought we were going to die of exhaustion and exposure,..... But that's another story completely!!!

On Colonsay you will find Kiloran Bay which you approach up a gentle hill, and once at the top, you peep over to reveal this breathtaking view, honestly its truly does make you take a sharp intake of breath. We walked down to the beach and we were the only people there, us plus the dog. I walked backwards along the sand and watched my footprints snake behind me. It was my birthday. A different place and another time.

So why do I bloody hate going to Keswick? As I guess everyone knows its a pretty town in the Lake District surrounded by various mountains, the most well known being Scafell and Skiddaw. The main problem I have with Keswick is all the damn walkers everywhere, enjoying the scenery and taking in the view. They stand around in groups all kitted out in the best walking fashions, and you know what? I'm jealous. Funny that, I have exercise envy. I think I'm really peeved about lost opportunity. What I want is the chance to see those views from the top of the mountains once in my life time. Hmmmmm should have done it years ago, but we always think we have forever don't we? Its about time we started thinking a bit more creatively. Why not stick a funiculaire on the side of one of these mountains? Would it be so bad? The purists tell us that we have to preserve everything we have, I don't disagree, but if its good enough for the Alps, then surely it would do for the Lake District? So here's a couple of nice views. Kiloran Bay, and Keswick and the mountains.

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  1. Oh, Keswick.

    When my folks had their 30th anniversary in 2004, they decided that they'd take us all on holiday... to Keswick! The wheelchair would not be any obstacle to my enjoying the scenery, oh no.

    It was this time of year, so I was buried under blankets and this bright blue waterproof burkha-like garment. And they basically attempted to push, pull and/ or carry me everywhere.

    It was very painful to me - pain's the reason for the chair - but it is impossible to complain about it when folks have just dragged you up a gravel path and are collapsing with exhaustion but gasping, "At least Goldfish got to see the view..."

    I hasten to add that I was allowed to stay back at the rented cottage on the day they did Scarfell. And I am fortunate enough to have managed both Scarfell and Ben Nevis under my own steam at some point.

    My family did buy a pamphlet of accessible walks which they almost ignored completely, but they did take me on one in... Grizedale Forest? Quite a bit south of Keswick, but it was a very welcome change.