Friday, August 18

Name and Shame 3

By popular demand, name and shame is back. Just the one picture this time as the weather took its toll on my outing, but it serves its purpose. Charity Shops. Now as such I'm no big fan of charity shops these days, they are ok for the odd book but that's about it. Of course that's just as well because I cant get in most of them as they must be as a group, some of the worst establishments on the high street for access. I guess their argument would be that they are a charity and cant afford it, but of course charity or no charity they still have statutory obligations which most of them fail at miserably. Id have thought given their charity status most of them would have been trail blazers in this field, but as usual I'm wrong. All I can say is that I don't really care one way or another, but I would like to have the opportunity just to have a mooch around once in a while for a new book to read, an obscure CD or even a 'collectible' record. Unfortunately the disabled life means that opportunity is often lacking. Be ashamed Oxfam, be very ashamed.

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