Friday, August 18


Unlike most women I don't care for shopping, its a necessary evil and as for leisure pursuits I can think of better things to do with my time, like marching up Scafell for instance. OK, perhaps not, but anyway you get my gist. My shopping experiences are pretty much limited to places like the Metro Centre and central Carlisle, and for things like clothes then I can manage fine on my own...Ho ho, no carer for me! But I have to admit I hadn't been able to get round Tesco and push the trolley and do the shopping for a week. Until recently that is. I know people can do it in wheelchair's, I've just been too nervous and shy to try it. I didn't want to look foolish or find Id do a bit and be unable to continue. But hey guess what, I did actually manage to push a trolley around with a load of shopping in it as well. There are a few tricks to this, first thing, go when its quiet so you don't have to keep avoiding loads of other people. Then work on your technique, push, wheel, wheel, push, wheel, wheel, and so on. Finally take it slowly, there is no rush and it stops you veering off course too much.
I'm feeling quite smug with myself for now being able to do it. Its another bit of independence and means I don't have to force my husband with threats to come with me!

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  1. stephanie22:03

    GIve the little one another year or so and he will be a great help with it ..... mine are older and the 17 year old and 20 year old did a weeks worth of shopping today with out being asked!