Tuesday, November 14

A High Point

....Or Not......

Im seeing my urologist on Friday having spoken to her only yesterday, but today a small box arrived for me containing some 'things' to be going on with. There were a selection of different catheters, and oh yes Ive really been wanting to try this ( I dont think so) , the Peristeen Anal Plug. Mmm-mmm!! Oh my, oh joy, how wonderful surely?!!! How lucky am I do you think?

You can see from previous postings that its been discussed a bit before, but Ive been able to put it off. I really can say this is unpleasant. Its not unpleasent in a physical way, I cant feel anything, its just mentally its not what you hope for. I dont think any one can say they honestly have aspired to being incontinent or overcontinent. Its one of those little secrets you hold to yourself, no one knows except you and maybe other people in the know who might guess.

Personally Im not sure if I should laugh or cry, its probably better to laugh at life because this seems to be almost absurd at times. But also its reality, but Im not sure I want to be there with that.

So reality wise I will now practise popping these things in my backside, going off to work in the safe knowledge that all will be well and coming home again. I do actually feel a small sense of relief about this, now if I can get some stability around my bladder Ill be a happy woman by the end of the week.

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