Monday, December 15

Hexham Spinal Injuries Sports Club

I am a member of Hexham Spinal Injuries Sports Club, or HSISC, sounds more like a bank when you put it like that, but technically anyone with wheels can join. Anyway I joined a few months ago during those dark pregnant days and I have to say its an absolute scream. I love it, love it, love it, without doubt its one of the best things Ive been to for years. First thing is I am the only woman, which is great as I have all these lovely guys teaching me to play snooker, and anything else they can persuade me to have a go at. Shooting, table tennis and boccacia to name but a few. Im competitive in all of them and range from the totally rubbish to quite good. We sit around and drink gallons of tea, eat chocolate biscuits and discuss, tyres, cars, travel, tv and any other appropriate topic of conversation. I am by far the youngest and some of them have been disabled longer than I have been alive, but I can say without hesitaion they are a great group of men, people Im pleased to call my friends and of course it goes without saying that Im desperate to win!

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  1. Hi Lorraine:
    Just found your blog thru another. Nice to meet you. I will come back again. I enjoyed the Peter Kay, Phoenix Nights clip below. Classic.
    aka Clippy Mat