Tuesday, February 13

Les Bobos!

At midnight last night I found myself driving to Carlisle and back for no particular reason. Well I suppose that black dog was sitting on my shoulders and I needed to shake him well off before I went to bed, otherwise he's in danger of taking up residence at the moment. Its not surprising that I'm feeling down in my mood. I'm very very tired, getting little in the way of sleep, Ive had a cough that has haunted me for months and at the moment I sound like a seal. It should be funny but Ive lost my sense of humour, it all seems dark and bleak and the weather is too wet for anything and the winter has gone on since September.
So times like these mean I like to take a drive, so with a full tank of petrol and a cheerful CD off I went for an hour. One of my most sing along cheerful songs at the moment is something called Les Bobos, by the french singer Renaud. I simply love this song and play it over and over again, LOUD is the best volume setting. I like it for several reasons, its a good rollicking song, great orchestration and most of all it challenges my french which is useful for taking your mind off things. Its about a class of people in France called Les Bobos or les bourgeois-bohêmes, not sure if there is an English equivalent but these people live in a good district of Paris, drive 4x4s, shop in Diesel and admire Sarkozy according to the song.
Well you get the gist anyway! My husband informs me only half in jest that we are the rural equivalent... Hmmm not sure how I should take this. Being a Crip might in fact disqualify me anyhow. But the nature of the song really makes me listen hard so I don't miss anything, so its a great mental distraction for a crap day is what I'm trying to say amongst all the waffle. Ive listened to it for most of today and it has worked, I do feel more cheerful than yesterday!

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    There are American Bobos (they're called the same thing here):