Sunday, February 18

These shoes were made for walking...............

Ive been looking at my feet, as you do.... and I think I need to see a chiropodist. How strange is that? I mean I just don't do walking anymore and yet I think Ive got a corn. Before you tell me my shoes are too tight I'm always really careful with my choice of footwear and make sure constantly that they are nice and roomy. However corns are caused by pressure, so where's it coming from?
Having thought about it I think it might be of my own making in that I have a tendency to sit with one foot on its side, so I suppose this exerts more pressure than keeping my soles flat. I must try hard not to do this in the future I guess. But meanwhile on the other foot, my nails are looking decidedly yukky, and that's putting it nicely. Ive always had such delicate little feet but no, old age creeps up and my feet have gone to pot! The main problem on this foot is that I'm sure I'm scrunching up my toes inside my shoes, but the thing is I cant tell, and even if I could I don't know how I could stop it. So unless anyone has any suggestions I'm going to get old ladies feet before my time!
I did think about posting a photo, but no, I decided no one deserves to see this but me and my nearest and dearest!

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