Sunday, February 25

Crisis what crisis?!!!!

OK, you may have noticed not much in the way of posting here for some days. This is because we are having an ISP crisis at home and our internet connection has been almost catastrophic!
The story being so far....... we live in rural Northumberland in an old property and have used dial up for the last 18 months. We decided like mad fools that we would like broadband, so we looked round for the best deal. I STUPIDLY decided on Tiscali who took our order and told us it would be all done my 14th Feb. Easy so far. By the 13th I realised they hadn't sent the router and stuff so called them on the 0870 number and spoke to someone in India. He couldn't give me any information and told me to call back in a day or 2. I did so, once again calling and calling that damn number to be told nothing. On the 20th Feb I got home to see BT had been to do some work on the line but no one had told us so we weren't in. I called BT, went round 100 menus to find out that I would have to talk to Tiscali as BT had the order from them not me. To add insult to injury I then got an e mail from Tiscali to say my broadband was up and running and the equipment arrived. I rang Tiscali in India to be told It WAS working and to try it. I was very sceptical but I had a go at installing the equipment, but you guessed it, it didn't work, because I knew the work on my line hadn't been done. Still with me?! Now by installing the Tiscali software all my previous settings were lost so we had no connection at all not even dial up. I then spent an hour on the phone telling Tiscali it didn't work before they would get the message, then spoke to BT again, until I got to the point of a head ache and sore ear and lost the will to live. Ive racked up a huge bill on the 0870 number and have no broadband. We had 2 days without any internet, had to get a new installation disk so I could get PAYG and then reinstall my previous settings. At the moment its still unresolved. I have no service from Tiscali and have run out of people to speak to. Anyone any ideas?!!!!!!!!!!!!

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