Thursday, June 21

Almost Wheelchair Junkie

Ive always been the type of person who has enjoyed taking things apart and putting them together gain. Give me a socket set and some power tools and I am indeed a happy woman. My pet projects were usually the car and my bike which is a childhood thing I suppose. Now I cant reach under the bonnet without falling over anyway and I don't do bikes anymore either. Soooooooooooo................... what I do do is wheelchairs, and Ive just notched up a 3rd one which might be a bit zealous on my part, but hey I cant let a bargain go by. I mean how many do people have anyway? Whats the average number? Let me know! So my makes of choice are RGK and the US make Tilite, hugely expensive, quite rare over here, but comfy and as light as they come. Make my RGK look like an old Volvo! Anyway I came across a Tilite TR, nice condition, not overly worn out or knackered, just needs a bit of a clean and some new tyres.

Hmm I say, how much do you want for that?...... Looking nonchalant.

Dont know he says what do you think?

£50? I say.

Ok....... sold to the woman in the chair!

So there we have it, Chair 3 is a nice Tilite TR fixed frame. A bargain, and I will have hours of fun cleaning, putting on new tyres and fiddling with the Allen keys. Im easily amused as you can tell!


  1. wheelchair vans23:45

    my uncle actually has 4 i think 3 sports ones and 1 regular one plus crutches ofcourse but he only has one set of those, it hink its really cool you are putting these together! Hey maybe if my uncle will want to add to his collection maybe we can get one of yours!


  2. Lorraine, this might be random but being mechanically minded, I think youd like the Zinger on youtube!