Monday, June 25

No Room

On the back window of my car is one of these little blue stickers that says something like Please leave room for my wheelchair, Disabled driver on board. I think Id prefer something like Don't park too close you selfish sod! Anyway it was my husbands idea as he was fed up with people parking within a few inches of the back of the car and then he struggling to get my chair in. When I'm out on my own, I just end up trashing the inside of the car so it makes no difference to me. But we were out en famille yesterday and I parked in a really out of the way spot in Hexham, I mean the town was deserted and parking plentiful, no problem for anyone. So what do I find on my return to the car? Oh yes some ***** had parked literally with 2 inches of the back of the car meaning that no one could get into the boot. There was no reason to park there in the first place, so what is it with people? Stupid, selfish, ignorant or just don't give a damn. The latter I think.

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