Thursday, December 28

Pimp my Ride.

Santa, being the kind soul he is, bought me a new wheelchair. Or rather he has ordered one for me. Funny isn't it, a few years ago it wouldn't have entered my mind, but now I'm excited by it! You see its not just any old chair, oh no, generosity knows no bounds as I'm expecting a TiLite XC to drop through my door. Well I suppose the door isn't going to stand up to that, but at some point in the not too distant future, it will arrive. In order to save a considerable amount of money we have ordered from the US, as titanium chairs don't come cheap, around the £2000 mark in this country. Ive also ordered some accessories such as blue tyres, just to add a little something to it. Now should I go for spoke guards, what do you think? Apart from looking nice, I have a very bad habit of getting my fingers stuck in my spokes which at speed is agony!!!

The XC is a folding chair. You've read my posts before and will know its something Ive been thinking about for ages, and Christmas proved the point. My fixed frame RGK took up the WHOLE of the boot area, so once we have 2 children its going to be cumbersome and the XC folds up to a width of 19 inches so I'm told. Folding frames are generally pretty reviled, mostly because they are not so strong and sturdy and the X frame adds additional weight. I cant comment as Ive never really used one so it remains to be seen.... So here's a picture for you to feast your eyes on, remember I'm getting the blue tyres. How cool is this eh?


  1. Congratulations on the new chair! I'm starting to fantasize about the next chair myself (although it's too early - my current chair is just fine).

  2. Kita18:26

    oh DROOL! That is one magnificant wheelchair you have there... and at £2000 well worth it! Congrats! I'm off now to start saving.... :D

  3. Well, that does look like a nice chair. how does it perform compared with the RGK? I am considering an RGK though my wife would prefer a folding chair. My GPV is rather lumpy.