Sunday, July 15

Out on Licence

Last week we pottered off to the Metro Centre for a few hours. Shopping is hardly my favourite thing, infact I view any opportunity to spend money with distain as I live my life according to needs rather than wants. Puritanism was beaten into me at an early age I might add. Not so my husband, who having been given some M & S vouchers months ago had an overwhelming desire to spend them and some more. So I could be found rolling around the mens dept shouting out suggestions, while trying to track him round the mountains of clothes. Believe me I mean mountains, well from my point of view they were. Finally after some deliberation he decided on shoes, good idea I said and thats when he realised hed left the vouchers in the car. Dont worry I will sit here holding the only pair of size 10s while you go and get them I volunteered. So there I sat, gently rolling myself from side to side and practicing one handed manouvres in order to keep Isak asleep , and also clutching these shoes. A lady went past, and then stopped and asked me if I was ok, did I need any help? I explianed I was waiting for my husband and her reply was oh of course you wouldnt be out on your own...... and off she went. So Ive been pondering that for a few days now. I should have come back with a wonderful witty Noel Cowardism quip, but I never do, I just sit and smile graciously. I have to say Im pretty surprised by that remark and dont really know what to make of it, I mean this person was only about my age, not in her 70s which made it all the more astonishing. Out, Out? Out of where exactly? Really Im at a loss for words. Good job I get let out from time to time isnt it?

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