Saturday, May 14

Spasms, never a girls best friend.

For the last few months Ive been waking up the awful back spasms. Misconceptions are that once you have a spinal injury you feel nothing, if only it were true. Essentially its like having a horrible neurological short circuit with sparks flying round your body. The trouble is the sparks all end up in the wrong place, causing all kinds of difficulties. Some people are just tortured by spasms all over their body, its painful and there is no respite for them. Life becomes an exercise in strapping bits down so you don't just fly off somewhere., \Ive been fortunate enough not to really suffer this until recently, now i have this utterly painful back arching spasm most mornings. Honestly I feel like I'm about to snap clean in too, and I guess it lasts 5 or 10 minutes. I'm really thinking I need to head off for a major medical overhaul, the troubles is that with small boys time is never my friend, certainly not at the moment, but with half term only a few weeks away I could probably fit it in then. Just need to hold on til then.

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