Wednesday, July 11


I haven't quite got over how my brain is wired up to expect certain things. Take yesterday for instance. I foolishly managed to slam the car door on my toes. Strangely enough my first thoughts were why wont the door shut? and only when I looked down did I start shouting OUCH rather loudly. I guess it took me about 30 seconds to realise I was in fact shouting Ouch for no particular reason as I hadn't even realised my foot was there until I saw it, so it wasnt like I was getting any pain. I started to laugh as odd as I am I see humour in a wide range of circumstances. I was having a reflex action in that I was expecting it to hurt!!! Pavlovian might be a good description. It has also dawned on me that I do this quite a lot. Whenever I knock a bit of me that should hurt I always shout loudly regardless of pain. So I wonder if I will ever get round to not doing it. Might take at least 30 years to change a habit of a life time.
And my toes? They have survived looking none the worse for wear fortunately.

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