Friday, August 17


Sometimes I feel like I'm a real burden and am completely ruining a family day out. I'm not stupid and I can tell that life isn't easy for my husband at the moment with me and 2 young children. Trying to enjoy things that other families do isn't easy for him as he has me as the added extra. I feel sad that when we get somewhere I cant even say to him, 'you sit down and Ill go and get the coffees', because at the end of the day I cant manage a tray of drinks and wheel myself to the table. So he gets us all seated and then trudges off to get coffee and juice. It cant be easy. He also ends up doing all the stuff with our 3 year old, stuff Id like to do and stuff that probably he'd like a rest from occasionally; and because parenting is a partnership and I worry sometime that he is stuck doing a bit too much. He takes it with good grace and a smile but I suppose its all a bit more than he bargained for at times.

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  1. I have friends both of whom are in wheelchairs who have a child who's a toddler- very hard age to parent from a wheelchair because he's all over the place physically so they bring in relative help as they can and also feel like they're being a burden sometimes. Yet her mom said to my friend one day what a gift it was to help out so I suppose it's got to do with how people view what they do. Not easy at all. As for myself I feel like a burden sometimes too and worry about those who help me out.