Tuesday, August 14

Comfort Zone

We must all step out of our comfort zone sometimes, a friend said recently. What she meant by this I have no idea, as I spend a lot of my life lurking outside this zone anyway. So thinking about it, what really puts me well out of the zone of comfort is visiting new places. Which is odd because I love to travel and see new things, its just the logistics of wheelchair travel is all a bit different. The first thing is parking. I'm never sure the best place to park so spend ages driving round the place looking for somewhere that looks OK. I'm really trying to get a bit of a map of the town in my head before stopping. There is nothing worse than parking the car, getting everyone out, heading off for 5 minutes and then realising you are no where where you want to be, or that you are at the top of a hill, which maybe OK for going down, but no way will I get back up. Then there is looking for somewhere to eat. We procrastinate terribly while we stroll around looking for an accessible cafe. They do exist, but there are not always the most obvious. Then I'm checking the pavement for camber, cobbles and dropped kerbs. and looking out for gum, spit, cr*p and anything else to avoid that I don't want in the car. Don't forget other hazards like children, old people, shopping bags, mobility scooters (they have a God given right after all) and just straight forward pot holes, as I don't want to go flying across the road. So you can see given all that, I find visiting new places stressful, which is a real pity as its one of the best things in Britain.

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