Tuesday, August 7


Dreams. Sometimes they come and haunt me, they take a hold and make my night filled with anguish. I wake up crying to find Ive been crying in my sleep, sometimes I wake up breathless like Ive been running and sometimes I just wake up, tired. I thought Id gotten to the point where I didn't dream about walking. In my dreams I'm usually the onlooker so I don't get to see myself but last night it was a bit different. I was still the onlooker but I was walking in my dream, I know this because I was suddenly a lot higher,a lot taller and I was up to the shoulder of my companion. The even odder thing about it though, is today I found myself taking that same stroll with the same companion, hmm strange. What I don't like about these sort of dreams is that I get the distinct impression that my mind is chewing over and processing certain information, information that I thought was dealt with, obviously its not.

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