Friday, August 3

Small Items

When you have to push yourself from A to B you generally end up wishing you had an extra hand or 2. It can be pretty awkward carrying small items, so it comes in useful to stuff things between your legs. Trouble is because you cant actually feel that you have anything there, its just as easy to forget things. As I don't have any sensation from my belly button, the use of pockets is a bit trying to be honest. Today I spent 20 minutes searching the house looking for my keys. Yes you guessed it, they were in my pocket all the time. I also do this with phones; I'm forever sitting on mine and making odd calls. Keys - carving holes in the tops of my legs, and then there's my wallet. This is a particular favourite. I have spent many an important meeting and the odd religious ceremony with a bright red wallet stuffed into my groin because Ive totally forgotten about it. I tend to plonk things there when I get out the car, and hey presto, they stay there until I get back to the car. Unfortunately no one ever thinks to say " Do you know you have your phone/keys/wallet/whatever stuck between your legs?" Too polite that's our trouble. So next time you see me, just remember to mention it OK?

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