Wednesday, November 7

Rent A Crip

Thats me......! Need some consulting done on some work you are doing? Want the opinion of disabled people? I know, Why not consult Lorraine, shes bound to have an opinion? Even better why not consult Lorraine... as shes sick of doing it.
Consultation is one of those buzz words that bounce round and round and I'm forever being asked my opinion on some consultation document or other. Sometimes I'm happy to help but Ive got to that point of consultation fatigue. Do I care about any of this stuff? No, at the moment I couldn't give a damn about most of it. You see I'm asked to give my time, my educated opinion and sometimes I even have to travel and I'm hardly ever payed for my efforts., I don't even get expenses a lot of the time, so whats in it for me? I guess this happens to lots of disabled people. We suddenly become highly valued when people want something from us. But pay us for our time. Oh no there's never any funding for that. If I had any other expertise I would expect payment so whats different here? Are we not valued? No we are not. It should not be taken for granted that we all want to give our time freely. Personally, I'm sick of giving of myself and getting nothing back in return. So if you want something consulted on go and find someone else because I cant be bothered any more.

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