Saturday, November 3

Carpe Diem

Anyway, having indulged in gazing at my numb naval for several weeks and being hells wife I'm sure its time to seize life's opportunities. So first of all I heartily recommend Glen Miller for raising ones spirits. My grandmother used to sing and hum all those wartime songs to me when I was little only I didn't know at the time what they were.. Listen to them now and I can immediately smell her house and indeed her, it was a time of warmth and safety. Good memories.
Next Ive had a good look at what's about at the moment. What can I really do with myself? Well on a rather rash whim Ive applied for the National Geographic Journey of a Lifetime Award, where they do just that. So I thought about a trip to the Lotofen Islands, telling the story of the of a fishing industry long forgotten. Going via the west coast of Norway by steamer and train and wheelchair was, I thought, quite a good idea so Ive sent it to them. Of course I don't expect to have any sort of chance but doing such an application at least focuses the mind.
On a more realistic note Ive decided to finish off the degree I started 4 years ago. I did the first year of law at Bristol and then had a baby and life well, just overtook me. I was thinking of doing management which might be beneficial but aside from a few modules Ive taken the plunge and decided to finish the law instead. Ive always been very taken with the concept of Justice. There doesn't seem to be much about does there? I doubt it has ever been any better, but who knows what I might be doing in a few years.
Finally I'm applying for a job I really have no chance of getting but I suppose I'm doing it more to see if I can get an interview and how far I can push myself.
So I guess its probably a case of onwards and upwards, its time to play up and play the game! ( she says in a Pollyannaish style!)

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  1. You certainly don't believe in giving yourself small goals!! Go for it - wow can I come with you if you do the Norway thing????