Saturday, January 26

Behind You!!!

People are just oblivious to their surroundings. I mean when they are out and about participating in the shopping Mall hunt, the only thing they thing of is the next purchase. So I'm now really really good at reading the signs. I know when someone is about to stop dead in their tracks before they do. I can read every hint, and I'm pleased to say Ive never run into the back of anyone...yet. I suppose there will be a first time, but I'm relieved it hasn't happened so far. Worst still though is when you are out in the open doing shopping and its raining. With slippery push rims its hard to stop quickly and inevitably I end up trashing my sleeves no matter what I wear. So remember, next time you are out, just watch out for fast moving wheelchairs, there are more of them that you realise.

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  1. Many thanks for your blog!
    I'm a mother and I'm on a wheelchair as well. I write from Italy.