Tuesday, January 22

Instant Recall

Every day I think about what happened to me and why I am here. Every day I run the whole event through my head going over every point. Its amazing when you are going through a stressful event how your body reacts. Adrenaline is an incredible thing, it makes everything so clear, so vivid, so easy to recall. Its also interesting how your senses respond. I don't remember feeling anything, but what is particular clear is the sounds going on around me. Its almost as if your auditory pathways become even more sensitive and then become firmly embedded into your memory forever. What I can hear the most is the sound of my breathing and my voice, it seemrd so loud as to almost echo in my head. I try not to wonder too much about how I could have done things differently, if making a different choice would have led to a different path or maybe my path was set already. Who knows? There is no point in beating yourself up over decisions whatever they may be, none of us can see the future, we just make the best choice we can at the time. And if you want to know what really happened to me then ask!

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