Sunday, January 20

Pain is Inevitable; Suffering is Optional

2 nights ago I woke with a sudden sharp stabbing pain in my back. Just at belly button height and right in the middle, just where your spine lies no less, it felt like a nasty electrical shock, and at 3am was painful enough to make me shout Ouch! even though I was asleep. Every time I nodded off I was woken up by this damn thing, and the one thing guaranteed to make me miserable is lack of sleep.
I'm blessed I suppose you could say, in the fact that usually I am not tormented by spasms day and night like some. Although I have had it in the past its never been as frequent or prolonged as this. So Ive had a few crap days and Ive turned into miserable grunter. I can hear myself doing it.
Change the baby, grunt.
Make the tea, sigh.
Get dressed, grunt, grunt, grunt.
Get in and out the car, grunt, sigh, grunt, OUCH!!!
And so it goes on and on. I sound like a tennis player and I must be really irritating to live with. To be truthful this sort of thing makes me quite silent, its a pain that drills down into your soul and I seem to use my mental reserves to keep it as far away as possible. All things must pass I suppose.

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