Thursday, October 23

Lets Party!!!

My eldest son, now approaching 5 has had more party invitations in the last 2 months than I have for at least 20 years now. So when another one appeared in his school bag this week my husband clapped his hand to his forehead and groaned NO MORE PARTIES PLEASE. After the last one we had decided to have a party moratorium, that is until he has his own party at Christmas. But how can you say No to a 4yr old? There's nothing wrong with going to a party after all.
The task of taking him always falls to my husband as so much does now. I'm sure people think hes a wonderful dad which of course goes without saying, but the fact of the matter a lot of the time its physically very difficult for me to actually take him to a party as the chances are high that I wont be able to get into the venue. When I was super pregnant I could barely get out of the car let alone do anything else, but now I'm back to my usual self getting into other peoples houses is still one of those bloody awful challenges that I'm truly fed up with. I'm also keen not to be an embarrassing parent which could be a possibility in the future. So at the moment it remains a job for my husband, I know he loves it..... really.

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  1. Hi,

    I Soooooo identify with this! Also, as my hubby works long hours over 40 miles away, the parties are left to moi....and well it can be just as you fear!...:

    Mind you, when "MOBILITY" shops make such a bodge up ( see here:, how can we ever expect anything else???

    GOOD LUCK!!!

    My 6 years old has also had constant party invites since his reception year, but now things seem to be calming a little....Just in time for our it to start again with our daughter (who has just started school)...

    Hope all is well...

    Ms O