Sunday, October 26

The Midwife

I have always been heartbroken at the loss of the midwife visiting me after giving birth and this time is no exception. You spend 9 months building a relationship with them, they advise and reassure you, make you feel like you will be a great mother and in your turn you confide all the silliest worries in the world. Of all the health professionals I have seen, they are the ones who've made me feel really cared about. For a couple of weeks after the birth they come and and check up on you and the baby and make you feel better when you are at your very lowest, they tell you what you need to do because at this point you feel as if your life is over and then they are gone. That's it. The connection is severed, and Ive always found it so painful. I don't have any older female friends/sisters/aunties to confide in, no one to ask if I'm doing it right, Ive always done this motherhood thing on my own. My own mother is 200 miles away and for the last 5 years hasn't had the best of health, so I have no one to ask, no one to tell me what to do. Id like to thank my midwives for everything over the last 18 months actually. So thank you to Judy, and Kate, and thanks to Sandra and Elaine. I shall miss their advice terribly and health visitors just aren't the same.

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  1. The midwives are terrific and I wholeheartedly support what you are saying here, Lorraine. The medical practice here is the best one I have ever encountered. Long may it continue!