Thursday, January 1

Christmas Past

Blinkin 'Eck, Christmas has been and gone and I need a holiday to get over the holidays!
To give a quick summary of the last 2 weeks it goes like this....
Went to visit my mum for 48 hours and then ran round visiting as many people as possible in the shortest space of time, fell out with my brother somewhat and filled the car with presents. Got home, I went to the doctors on the 23rd for a routine appt. On Christmas Eve celebrated eldest sons 5th birthday. Also took him and his dad to the doctor as they were both ill. My husband was actually suffering big time and on this occasion it was genuine not just a man cold. Both came back clutching antibiotics. On Christmas day everyone stayed in bed until 10am, then we got up, feebly opened presents, had hot drinks and did B-All. No Christmas lunch for us, I think it was scrambled eggs or something... we are Jewish after all!! Husband too ill, kids don't care and I don't eat meat anyway! Same for Boxing day and the next couple of days. Monday took middle son to Doctors as he has had a cold since he was born, came home with inhaler as he may have asthma. Tuesday we all dragged round Tesco getting food in as we'd eaten everything Id bought the week before at midnight! Mad or desperate? New years Eve my son and husband went to the cinema but ended up going to the local play centre as Id made a mistake with the film times. We then had a cup of tea to see in the new year. I have a dreadful cough and so does the baby. I'm sick of the bloody cold and need a haircut. Bah humbug to the festive season and only another 357 days to go or something like that!

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  1. ewww... don't envy you as just me as a sickie is quite cranky...

    All the best in 2009 & from Fidel & I to your family...

    Mazel Tov !!