Thursday, December 4

Slip Slidin' Away

So while the whole of the north has been covered in snow, a small corridor along the A69 missed it all, and that included us. What we did get though was ice on ice on ice. Not good.
I was up early Tuesday, popped out to the car, and as I rolled slowly towards the gate, realised it was actually very very icy. In fact I was gliding along on sheet ice. So either I was going to hurtle splat into the gate, or if I was unlucky fly through the gate and bounce down the hill. Neither seemed a great option, so I managed to bring myself to a slow halt and gingerly went back into the house where I stayed for the next 24 hours.
Got out briefly yesterday and overnight it froze again so had more of the same. Eventually ventured out about 3pm today. I am actually sick of this weather. I don't mind snow because I can play in the garden with the boys but as for ice, I'm not sure if wheels or feet are worse. Either way I'm crap at staying upright.


  1. I saw your comment over on my blog..ta..and yes I see we have that arse over t... thing in common too! We also missed the snow ( we got sleet, lots of huge hail and ice ice, ice too) but the ice has been deadly I have found...ouch.....

    Good to hear from you!

    Ms O

  2. Hi -came via Hadriana. You are very brave to even attempt to go out on the ice!! I did smile at your description of yourself tho'. (by the way, I clicked on the audio link on your profile and it says it's not available and shows some semi pronographic stuff. You might want to check it.)

  3. I hate ice too-terrified of it. I like watching snow from a window- but I can do without it. It always comes at the most inconvenient times