Saturday, November 14

Mastitis, a horrible thing.

Last week I was ill, in fact I was so horribly ill it was touch and go as to whether I would have an overnight in hospital. This was all down to mastitis, which I have never had before and hope never to have again. with all the symptoms of flu I did for a while think I was going down with it, but after realising I had none of the respiratory problems got my husband to call the doctor. She arrived at 11pm on a Saturday night and started antibiotics straight away. I was so hot you could have cooked an egg on me and my head was about to explode it was so painful. By morning although the bed was wet with sweat I was looking better than I was. I'm still taking the antibiotics but am a lot better than I was a week ago. It made me realise how lucky was are to live in an age where a few pills can effect an almost instant cure whereas it would have probably carried me off a 100 years ago.
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