Tuesday, May 17

The CG lock

I have this wonderful little gadget that I use when driving. Its called a CG lock, costs about £40 and attaches to my seat belt in 5 minutes. Its a wonderful piece of kit that works by securing the lap part of your seat belt across your pelvis so you cant move. It basically anchors your bum to the back of your seat and stops that horrible slip forward you get when driving. Next time you are out, see if you can slip your hand between your bum and the back of the seat. you know what I mean. The CG lock was designed for performance in mind but for someone like me who finds it quite difficult to sit upright for a while without extra help the CG lock is a fantastic piece of equipment, meaning I can drive for a lot longer that I would have otherwise. Id really recommend them to anyone who does those extra miles. buy one becasue you wont regret it.

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  1. Thanks for your kind words. It is only through people like you telling others that more folks will benefit (and in many cases revive their driving enjoyment) and be liberated to drive in hand controlled vehicles. Thanks again for taking the time to share your views!

    You can always post on the CG-lock Facebook page!