Wednesday, December 7

Saw the lady in half trick

Good grief Ive been chopped in half. Actually it really does seem like that. Its unpleasant and I don't think I will ever get used to feeling as if someone has swung a great sword through me and disconnected the bottom half. In reality that's exactly what has happened, and the 2 pieces of me sit here together  not talking to each other any more. the top half sways about like the top of a tower, atop the bottom bit of me which speaks to no one. Rather like a failed conjurers trick of sawing the lady in half, and  its strange as I know I'm there but it doesn't seem like me. I tell the kids are bashing my legs by the physical sings not by the tactile ones and its weird because I know what they are dong I fool myself into thinking I'm feeling them. Really its the memory of touch that stays in my head. A blind friend of mine tell mes she still has a bank of stored images in her head that she uses for reference so I suppose the brain puts the memory in place of the reality. 

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