Friday, November 4

Watch your Trunk.

Today I had to collect the car from Newcastle, and the nice people at Mercedes offered to pick me up. Great service from a lovely company I must say. Anyway I got into the car which was a fairly nice highish spec model and off we went. The driver explained to me that he had to collect a couple of other people in town, which was fine by me as I wasn't doing the driving. These are the kind of times that make me sometimes a bit more disabled than usual. My wheelchair is set in such a way that with a decent bucket I have to sit up straight. It would be fairly difficult to fall forwards for instance as my knees are considerably higher than normal. I use a CG lock on my car seat belt that firmly anchors my bot to the seat but as a passenger though I'm all over the place. With every turn of the car I was leaning as well. Left. right and left again, I clutched the seat in an effort to sit straight. Every time he stopped I lunged forward and at every acceleration I was pushed back into the car seat. This guy was a good and considerate driver, I wasn't being thrown about particularly it was just me lolling around all over the place. 
One of the things they try to teach you with any kind of spinal injury is core stability, Really its the art of sitting on a big ball which I have always been pretty poor at doing. Balance at the best of times was never my strong point. Think of me as the young girl who couldn't even stand on a skateboard without falling off and you get the idea. Anyway now at the worst of times my stability is a lot poorer than I realised. I suppose having babies makes you very unbalanced and Ive never been able to improve afterwards. In an ideal world I could do with some new and improved core stability physio, but finding the time to fit it in is a problem. Id better keep an eye on my trunk and keep practising as I can.

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