Sunday, March 19

How are you?

'How are you?'

'Fine' I say 'fine....'

'No but how are you?'

'Fine thanks'

This is the sort of conversation I hate with a passion. Im fine, really I am fine. How much do I have to reassure people that Im ok actually. I dont have a cold, bad stomach or migraine. I dont have a life threatening condition, and please G-d I will live for another 50 years at least. Well thats my intention anyway. What do people expect me to say I wonder?
' Im terrible, I cant walk, my life is over, finished, Im done for , oh woe.......'
Sorry thats just not my style. Having had stoicism beaten into me as a child (metaphorically speaking) there is no way Im going to share my own personal thoughts with anyone who asks. I dont wear my heart on my sleeve and thats all there is to it. And lets be truly honest with ourselves, do we want to hear it if we ask someone and they tell us they are not alright? For the most part, No.

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