Friday, November 14

A turn of phrase

Ive noticed I pepper my conversation with the following phrases;
  • Ive been running around all day
  • I havent had chance to sit down for a minute
  • I'm going to take a walk up to......
  • stand up and be counted
and my current favourite
  • I'm on my last legs, and so on and so on.
At this point casual acquaintances tend to do a bit of a double take, and give an awkward smile as they aren't quite sure how to react. Tell the truth I don't even notice I'm doing it most of the time, to me its just a turn of phrase that's all. I don't think Ive met anyone who starts a sentence with, I was rolling up the road the other day, when... it just doesn't work. We stick with the conventions of English. I have a blind friend who is forever telling me what shes watching on TV and that she will see me later. As it happens she cant see a thing but that doesn't mean the conversation has to suddenly change. So next time you see me, don't suddenly start thinking about how you say things, I wont notice at all.

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