Sunday, March 19

My body!!

Now there's a scary title for a posting..... my body, yes well Ive realised its falling apart. Bit of a bugger really, I could be just a floating head in 10 years!! Anyway where to start? Perhaps this is just too grim but hey Ive started so I ought to finish so lets get on. Well my feet are continuously giving me the wrong signals. Either they think they are plunged into freezing cold water, or seem to be burning up. Neither is true. My toes are looking dodgy and I dont know why. I'll probably have to take them along to my GP to peer at. I suspect that Im getting my toes caught under my foot inside my shoe, but I dont realise it. Otherwise I cant think what the problem is. My bladder wont cooperate half the time which I really hate. Its not seriously embarrasing or anything like that, just ummmm something I have to deal with. Ive also had a pressure sore this week to sort out, little buggers like to get infected as soon as possible. Im finding it more and more difficult to sit up straight as my lower back muscles wont do the job anymore. Its funny that you dont realise how much you dont think about sitting up. I have to work at it quite a lot these days. I pulled a muscle in my side which hurts when I breath in, and my hands look at least 10 years older than the rest of me despite gloves and handcream. Dont I sound just marvellous! Oh well never mind, all part of lifes rich tapestry ....

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