Sunday, March 26

How do you dream?

I was recently asked this question by a lady I know who is blind. She wondered how I saw myself in my dreams. I hadnt really considered this before but on reflection most of the time Im the observer of my dreams, so I rarely see myself taking part in them. However last night I had one of those rare ones where Im watching me. Usually if this is the case Im just sitting down somewhere, but last night I was being active. It started with me being by a beach, and thinking that the water looked good. trouble is there were steps down to the beach, so I dragged myself down the steps and crawled along the sand to the sea where I sat and dangled my legs in the water. On the way back I did the same thing only the steps went on forever this time... eventually I said ' Ive had enough of this', got up and walked the rest.
So what do you think? On the one hand my I think my brain is coming to terms with me as I am now, but on the other it is still continually frustrated at the difficulties in getting around. And of course rest of your life is forever.
Incidentally if you want weird, my blind friend dreams in pictures!!! Seems her brain uses stored images to make her dreams so she actully 'sees' them. After being blind for 20 years I find this truly amazing, and even more curious is the workings of our mind.
Anyway this leads me onto our next subject which Ive been thinking about which is road surfaces!..............

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