Saturday, March 25

The Detritus of Disabled Living

"Bloody hell, the house looks like a nursing home!" was the comment from my husband. Hmmmm.. he may be right there. Over the last few months I have had a hoard of occupational therapists traipsing round the house bringing me handy gadgets which are supposed to make my life easier.
They cover every room in the house...the bedroom, things to get out of bed with and to help me get dressed. (Current time taken, 1 hour..).The bathroom, all sorts of things Im NOT going to share wth you!! The living room... picker uppers and of course the kitchen which is a magnet for every kind of invention. The thing is, these items my be useful, but they either come in brown or beige, which may blend into my 94 year old grandmothers house, but look less than eyecatching in mine. Surely there we have a niche market for disability living aids in a bright cheerful colour for the younger cripple!!!
For me the most useful things have been the getting out of bed stuff, the rest has been of limited use. To be honest I tend to forget its there most of the time, and spend half an hour struggling to get a job done!! Im not sure if anyone really uses the items they are given, perhaps its only me, but I sort of feel as if Id be better going off to 'Lakeland' to buy my own stuff.
Anyone know what this photo is of? No prizes but a special mention in this blog will go to the most original suggestion.


  1. An eyeshade that hooks over your ears?

  2. Angela07:55

    love the above comment, but think its probably a device to move you from bed to wheelchair?

  3. Danielle16:56

    Danielle said ...... an incontince aid to hold it all in incase you cannot get to the toilet in time.