Wednesday, March 22

In the footsteps of FDR.

Franklin Roosevelt was always one of my heroes from history. Here is a man who suffered paralysis at the age of 39 and then went on the be US president for an unprecedented 3 times, at one of the pivotal times in history. FDR not only overcame his own disability, he changed the lives of thousands for the better. All of us have the FDR spirit inside us, only quite often it never gets the chance to come out, being hidden away in our normal lives.
FDR also developed a technique of standing and walking, 'swing from the hips, swing from the hips', and by using leg braces he gave a good impression of being able to walk even when he couldnt. Its something Im working on at the moment with the use of braces. I have a wonderful selection of them which litter our house constantly. They go from the tip of my toes to my hips. Very feminine... NOT! Its ok, you cant see them too much under trousers to be honest. The ankle bits are the best as the work very well. Given my ankles have all the muscle tone of 3 day old dead trouts they are pretty good at keeping my feet straight. The leg ones are more problematic. One size does not fit all in this case so Im having bespoke ones made no less. This should be very interesting, how many of us can say we have had such bizarre experience? Heres a picture showing a couple. No wonder my husband is so irritated at my untidiness.

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