Thursday, July 27

More transport issues

If I'm not talking about bodily functions then the other thing that looms largely in life is the transport issue. I'm lucky in that I have a decent car, or so I thought. What I actually have is a decent car that I've thrashed to death and is in need of some serious TLC. So its been spending some time in I suppose you could say the car equivalent of the surgical ward at the Mitsubishi garage in Hexham having the brakes put right. I'm pleased to say they gave me a courtesy car...... a Citroen C2. These might look nice and cute on the road but from my point of view they are the car from hell!!! Where to start? Firstly they are small, I mean eensy weeny teeny tiny small so I have major issues getting me and my chair into it in the first place. I'm not too bad getting in, but getting out is truly horrendous. The problem is firstly the door doesn't open at 90 degrees. I suspect its more like 75 degrees which means I cant get my chair flush to the car. Because its a very low vehicle you also bash your head when you try to get out as its a sort of up and across motion, but while you are doing this there is nothing to hold on to part from the door which somehow doesn't feel strong enough to support my dead weight. Today I came as close as I ever have to falling in a heap out the car and onto the pavement. Just as I'm getting out, my chair drifts off out of reach so I'm sort of dangling. I fall flat down and managed to catch myself on the door sill where I'm perched perilously for a minute or 2. I'm not that bothered as to whether I cause myself any damage, but I really really wanted to keep my dignity intact. Having got my balance, I fished out to try and catch my chair. After a couple of attempts I did manage to grab it and pull it back towards me. Hmmm dignity, there is nothing like it.


  1. Maria - mttb1417:36

    Hi Lucy,

    We have recently bought another car, and we had some very strange looks when our priority wasn't speed, alloy wheels, etc etc, but the height of the doors. John SCI is incomplete and is at C5/6 level, and he really struggles with bending his head/neck.

    For his job he needs to get in and out many times during the day, and if he has to keep bending his neck or head forward he is in agony really quickly.

    We discovered that many car manufacturers have gone for really sharply sloping front and back windows which also means that the doors are also angled and low. Which makes them absolutely no good.

    Anyway, we have bought a secondhand Volvo S80, which has all the trimming, electric this, that and the other, but most importantly lots of head room for getting in and out, wide windows to give John the best chance of seeing what is coming at junctions and roundabouts and plenty of room for him to get in and out. The seats are soft leather, but firm leather.

    People look at you stupid when you say these things are important, but to John they really are. The car show men in lots of garages, just could not get the message and kept trying to show us really unsuitable cars.

  2. bubbleandsqueak09:33

    car shoping.....i hate it.