Wednesday, August 9

Figure of Eight

Get one of these and YOU WILL DIE!!!!! A timely reminder from a friend last week and hey presto look what pops up? Pressure sores are the potential killer every wheelchair user has to contend with. We are constantly being reminded of this by hospitals, doctors, physios, nurses, practically every one we ever come into contact with, check, check and check again. Change position, dont sit or lie too long in the same place etc, etc. I consider myself to be zealous. I do constant checks, shift my weight round and try to remember to do everything Ive been told, and still, this little bugger appears. I noticed it at lunchtime yesterday after spending sometime doing various ablutions. To be honest my first thought was 'shit Ive got ringworm'. Yes, yes I know its ridiculous but thats the sort of thing Id think of and also the nature of the wonky figure of eight. So I peered down and poked it, 'hmm' I thought 'it doesnt hurt so it must be ok...'. What? Sorry, what did I say there? You know sometimes I just cant believe what I think, I even caught myself in mid thought there. Of course it doesnt hurt you idiot.... Er yes well old habits die hard I suppose. So I spent ages thinking how the hell did this appear, where did I get it what was I doing, why didnt I notice it? Nope no idea, then suddenly the light went on in my head and I realised that I had spent all day working really hard in my office, writing lots of stroppy letters to people. Anyway I had put my keys in my pocket and forgotten about them, So they had been working away for 7 hours against my skin and there we have it a nice presure sore. Daft or what? When when when will I learn? It will take a while yet I suppose.


  1. Juls06:47

    I drove 8 hrs in the car with my feet on the floor (no shoes!!) I ended up with the mother of all blood blisters/ tend to forget things like the floor getting really hot while driving, i spose we're only human..we can't be on the ball all the time!

  2. bubbleandsqueak08:33

    this is about juls comment in every car i've been in the floor dosn't get hot???? i'm jsut worrdering what you drive and why the floor gets hot.