Tuesday, March 21

Wheelchair Services

Every PCT has the dept of 'wheelchair services' and guess what they sort out wheelchairs! They have a huge variety of chairs, big ones, heavy ones, big ones, heavy ones, oh did I say big ones? Doesnt seem to matter if you are 5'1"... like me,.. or 6'4 you still get the same one, ie something completely unsuitable for your needs. No one at wheelchair disservices has ever had to use a wheelchair so they seem for the most part pretty oblivious to what the requirement of a mobility aid is. Ummmm to make you mobile perhaps? But also more importantly to make you INDEPENDENT.
Ive noticed this most acutely when out shopping... lots of people struggling with heavy old chairs. Ive also heard a lot of anecdotal stories on this one as well. I was talking to my dearest husband about this, he works with a lady with MS who is probably just a bit older than me, anyway he helped fold her chair up and stick it in the car for her, only to find it was so heavy he could hardly lift it. The lady in question has trouble getting out of her house which is not surprising given the weight of her 'mobility aid'!

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