Wednesday, April 5

What are you listening to?

There is tendency to remember lifes events when we hear certain songs because they are so evocative of a bygone time for good and bad. Like smells you never forget them, they are intrinsically linked to the memory bit of your brain for some reason. I have loads of these songs that not only remind me of general times, but even very specific events like sitting and talking to someone I havent seen for a long time now. Anyway what am I listening to at the moment? What will remind me of this time of my life in 10 years time? Here is a little list of things I have on in the car;
  1. Sailing to Philadelphia - Mark Knopfler
  2. Solitary Man- Neil Diamond
  3. True faith- New Order
  4. Wise Men- James Blunt
  5. The Great Beyond -REM
  6. Spem in Allium - Thomas Tallis
  7. Lark Ascending- Vaughan Williams
  8. Missing You -Christy Moore
  9. When all is said and done - Abba
  10. I wont back down-Tom Petty

Not the most cheerful collection I suppose looking at it now, but I think all pretty worthy. Ok New Order is an aberation but it reminds be of better times. I like a song that tells a story, and some have appropriate words. You can guess which ones if you like. Anyway if you are not familiar with any of these, go and investigate. I particularly recommend my taste in classical music to you.

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