Thursday, May 4

The Dangling Conversation

My husband is a man of few words where I am concerned. Let face it the poor man can hardly get a word in with me as the wife anyway, so he keeps his own counsel a lot. Just like most men I guess. Anyway we were having a fairly serious talk about several unresolved issues when he delivered the verbal knock-out!!
'Well', he said 'you are quite seriously disabled you know..........' S L A P!!!
So how to shut me up in one. What is the retort to that one eh? Its the one thing that is going to get me feeling bad, uncomfortable, ruffled. Not that he was trying to upset me, it wasnt that sort of discussion, he was just making an observation.
Having spent at least 2 minutes thinking about my next line all I could say was
'Weeeeel, I dont know.........'
So much for my sharp remarks and witty repartee, got him there didnt I? Ok, so I didnt but it got me thinking. Is this true? Am I in the realms of seriously disabled? How serious is serious? Serious compared to whom? Am I? Am I? Really I dont know, what is the perception of able bodied people when they see me? What do they think, what do they see? I dont know as I dont see me with their eyes so its hard to make the judgement. I know I dont feel disabled but maybe I am? Or perhaps the concept of disability is only a mental one. But lets not go down that route of philosophy tonight hmm?

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