Wednesday, May 3

Where I work

I looked at recent postings and thought mmmmm this looks a bit dull, the subject matter a bit icky, so lets move onto something else for change. Here is a nice picture of where I work. This is Penrith Town Hall set in the Lake District and North Cumbria. Its a very pleasant town with lots of interesting buildings that I cant get into. As my role is that of Access officer this is a situation that needs to be worked on. You know disabled people have a very large disposable income and its all going to Tesco cos we cant get in anywhere else!!! Seriously why do shops turn away potential customers? Its hardly rocket science to get rid of that 3 inch step and put an incline in. And what about those businesses that have a little sticker on saying to 'press for assistance'. AS IF! What, Im going to sit on the street and do my banking there? I DONT THINK SO!!! Take note, some of the worst offenders in Penrith are Banks and Building socieites. I cant get into either of mine and its just not right, decent or acceptable.


  1. Stephanie17:41

    I love the signs in the door that tell you that the clerks will be happy to assist handicapped customers. Hmmmm, if I can't get in, how can I ask for help if I needed it???

  2. Tap on the window and look pathetic? let me in, let me in!!!!!