Thursday, May 4

Old and New

Ive been in the situation over the last few years whereby we have moved several times, made friends, lost friends, renewed friendships and said goodbye to some. Overall its a good experience and probably you only realise the value of friendship with maturity. I do have a problem with old and new friends. When I meet someone for the first time these days, they just take me as a person who uses a chair,its no big deal, part of being me, and no one worries. But when I catch up with old friends and family I have to say I feel utterly embarrassed, uncomfortable and really just want to squirm in my seat. I know you see, really I do know, that they want to know but they dont want to ask, so we just end up going round and round in circles as it were, as no one wants to bring the subject up. SO, If you used to know me, or just havent seen me for a while please please please dont feel anxious about saying 'OMG what happened to you!!!?' After all its perfectly normal to want to know, Im not going to break down in tears, and Im quite happy to tell you. What I really dont want is to feel bad that you feel bad and you feel bad because you dont want me to feel bad!!!!!! Arrrgh!!!!!!

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