Tuesday, May 30


Did you know I'm fascinating? Apparently I am although I'm blind to this myself I have to say. Last week I pottered over to see someone who is in the process of converting their barn into B & B, and they have had the foresight to make it all wheelchair accessible. They were having trouble as to where they should have the sink in the loo, so I was there to give them the timely advice. Although they had had various planning officers round, they found me to be totally fascinating. These were there words not mine I might add. From the moment I arrived to the moment I left they hung on my every word. I tried out the loo, looked at the shower, advised on the sink. Then I practiced opening the doors, getting into bed, trying out the wardrobe. After this I went through all the doors to make sure they were ok, and finally suggested better parking. They then proceeded to stand and watch me get in the car as I was going while saying how fascinating it all was. Quite.

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  1. I hope that notion could give you a boost on that days when you need it. (Black Dog Days?)