Wednesday, May 31

Not in my lifetime!!!!!

I'm pretty keen on sport, I like most things with the exception of tennis and golf that is. I'm looking forward to the World Cup and have entered our work sweepstakes. My teams to watch are USA, Sweden and of course the hosts, Germany. One of the advantages of being disabled, and there are many I can tell you (irony, irony) is that you can get often free or very cheap tickets to sporting event for yourself and carer. I don't really have a carer, but for this Ill be cared for. Horse racing is one of the events you can get into free, and of course there is football.
Unfortunately we don't have a great deal of choice when it comes to football, for most people here it is Newcastle. Try as I might I cant take to them and so look elsewhere for a more local team. We have a choice of Carlisle, Gretna, or for something a bit more juicy.... The SPL. I have a friend who is a rampant green striped, dyed in the wool Celtic supporter. Yes I know its true, unbelievable in fact but its a good job someone feels the need to do it! Celtic used to be a good team, and I'm talking a long time ago, like 1967 was the last time they won anything major, and sadly with Gordon Strachan in charge its not going to happen anytime soon. Like I said not in my lifetime then or in the future I should think. So who can challenge Celtic, certainly not Rangers who are just a shadow of previous teams, Hearts looked to be doing well but no one knows who's running the club, picking the team or even making the tea anymore. So this household takes a little look at Hibs. And why not, they are to my mind a cracking side with everything to play for. As we have quite few connections with Edinburgh, my husband used to live in Easter road during his student days and I like the strip ( Im a woman!) , we have decided they will be our team from now on. (Liverpool and yes I know sadly Coventry City notwithstanding). But then I've given it all away haven't I? Yes as someone who has followed the Sky Blues misfortunes for many a long year, I will never be able to take to a team with Gordon Strachan in charge. Sorry, did I hear the name 'Roy Keane' echo around the room? Good old Gordon got a real bargain there.....Not! Heres a picture just to remind you of the Celtic Glory days, now what was that about free tickets.........?

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