Wednesday, June 28


I am infact invisible, did you know that? Suddenly when I'm out and about, nobody sees me coming, which I think is a bit odd actually as I'm not that small really. Anyway take today for instance. I went into town at lunch time to visit the Pharmacy. Top place for me to go these days. On the way I have to trundle up a fairly long gentle hill. It gets hard work towards the top, so I try to get a bit of speedup to help me on my way. Anyway what do people do in front of me?...They either slow down to a crawl, or stop. What a nightmare.... because it means I pretty much have to stop on a hill as well. Secondly today I was almost run off the kerb by a group of old ladies who refused to budge over on a narrow pavement for me. I came perilously close to tipping over the kerb, only to be squashed by oncoming traffic I can tell you. Then there is the group of people who fall over me, and those who stop suddenly right in front of me, and I almost slice my fingers off trying to stop from hurtling into them. See its not easy? So next time you are out and about, just give a thought for who might be behind you, we are not that invisible you know!

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