Saturday, June 24


I have signed up to do the Sports Relief mile on the 15th July. You've seen all the ads on the BBC Im sure. At the time I thought "great, what an opportunity, what a fun day it will be." Now Im thinking "you stupid idiot what have you done?!!!" Well all I can say is that it seemed like a good idea at the time...! Now before you start wondering, obviously Im not going to be running the mile cos I dont do running any more, so I will be rolling around Gateshead and Newcastle, round the Baltic and Sage, over the Tyne and back again. In my quest to be the fastest on 4 wheels Im asking, nay begging for sponsorship. Its not a lot of money, just send me a pound, see you wont even miss it! To do this you can either go online to the website and do it there or email me if you want to know where I live and you can send it straight to me.

Now here are the instructions for going online. The website is . You need to click on Sponsor a miler, then you need to put in my surname, thats Hershon, remember? Anyway I should pop up on screen and you can give me your money with either debit or credit card at the ready.
The main thing about doing this is that it Im doing it for me. I sort of needed to feel that I could contribute to something like this rather than being on the sidelines all my life. So thats why I said I would do it. Im sure it will be a good day out, I would like to raise some decent cash along the way as well for very worthy causes, and I hope it doesnt rain. Thanks for your help

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