Saturday, July 1

The Tribunal

A couple of weeks ago I had to attend a Disability Living Allowance Tribunal. This is because they wanted to have a look at me to see if I was some miserable malingering individual after the huge sums of money the state kindly bestows upon us or perhaps a genuine case. They are within their rights to do this with any claim, and I think in all seriousness it had nothing to do with this but more to do with the fact that unfortunately I have turned out to be worse than my prognosis originally suggested. Anyway this meant I had to schlep myself over to Newcastle once again for the 2nd time. This had been all due to happen a month ago, but was thoughtfully adjourned after waiting for an hour as they had ran over time. Not.
So I got there and still had to wait over an hour, which I personally think is very bad, but who am I to say? I then had to go and face a panel of 3 people. One a doctor, the other a legal person, and the 3rd a lay person. They than spent 45 minutes questioning me closely. Much of this revolved around the issue of pain, personal care, and walking or not. Infact most of the questioning was done by the doctor who seemed to find my case thoroughly interesting. Beats all the bad backs they have to see I suppose. I also produced some further cheery supplementary medical reports for their light entertainment.

I then had to wait outside for a few minutes while they chatted about me and then I went back in.

"Ah Mrs H" said the chairman, "I usually tell people to sit down at this point , but you already are!!!!!" Too droll by half for me hey? Razor sharp wit there I can tell. Suppose its a good job I don't take offence easily. Anyway just as well I didn't take offence because they announced that given my circumstances, medical condition and prognosis, I was entitled to more money back dated to the date of my first claim. Good eh? This will be rather a large amount of money actually and very useful too. The thing is, its a bit of a double edged sword isn't it, in that its nice to have the money, but its also a tacit acknowledgement from the state that as far as it goes I'm in pretty crap condition. So I'm not sure I'm that pleased....

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